1. Take a break

Long or short, a break always helps clear your mind a bit and reset it to the task at hand. Setting aside a 10 minute breather every 2 hours of studying will break it up and make you more productive.

2. Get outside

As compelling as it may be to snuggle up in warm blankets and cradle netflix in your hand to destress, try a walk with your dog or a friend instead! Rain or shine a breath of fresh air is sure to release your mind and bring new clarity to whatever is is you’re doing.

3. Talk to a friend or loved one

It’s always beneficial to make time in your life for the important people to you but especially when you’re feeling burdened by anything (including stress) it helps to see a familiar face and have them tell you that it’s all going to be okay.

3. Put on a soothing playlist while you work

Calm tunes or ocean sounds while working are incredibly cathartic and give the welcome illusion that you’re in a spa or on a beach somewhere instead of holed up studying

5. Put on a pump-up playlist

Sometimes you need calming music in the background, other times you need to blast a more upbeat tune to amp up your energy and get you in the mindset to power through everything you need to do.

6. Run a bath

Throw in a bath bomb or salts while you’re at it. This one is as good for your skin as it is your mind. Keeping clean is important while studying too! So why not enjoy it and listen to a book on tape or treat yourself to some nice smelling candles while you’re at it?

7. Run

Go for a run (or any other form of physical activity for those who hate running)! Not only does exercise stimulate blood flow which means more oxygen to your brain it’s also a great space in which to clear your head. It’s a quick fix and leaves you feeling rejuvenated.

8. Color

There’s nothing quite like returning to kindergarten and pulling out your markers and a pretty page to color in. It doesn’t have to take very long depending on the page you pick, but it’s a sure way to alleviate some of the stress on your shoulders.

9. Write a to-do list

I’m a huge fan of these-they clear your head of the cobwebs filled with nitpicky things you need to do and put it all down on paper in a manageable way for you to tackle each item one by one. protip: throw in a couple freebies to kick off your list so you feel extra productive and motivated

10. Take a break from social media (or screens in general)

As important as it may seem to be constantly updated on what everyone else in your life is doing, the world isn’t going to end if you step back for an hour, a day or even a week. Let yourself take a deep breath and relax from the buzz of notifications on your phone. If you haven’t tried this one before, you’ll be surprised by how relaxing it is!

11. Read a book

When’s the last time you sat down and read a book for pleasure? For me, it’s been awhile. Sometimes you might not have time for this one, depending on the time constraints of whatever’s stressing you out but if you have time for this one it’s enjoyable, satisfying and reading a good book is always a welcome window out of the stress of the real world.

12. Take a deep breath…or a couple hundred.

Far underrated, yet one of the most effective tactics to relieving stress.

13. Light a candle

And not to your homework! A scented one works great but any candle’s flicker of the wick is soothing enough to calm even the stressed of minds a little bit.

14. Compliment someone

Spreading love is the gift that never stops giving. It’ll give a spark to that person’s day and yours as well. It never hurts to let someone know you appreciate them and it’s free and easy to do.

15. Make time to do something YOU love

There’s nothing better for the mind and soul then doing something that you truly love to do. Don’t forget to make time for yourself amid all the buzz of your busy life! All these are about is finding something that helps YOU relieve some of the stress of a busy life. Find a tactic or two and try them out, maybe even all of them if you’re feeling ambitious (you could even make a to-do list out of it and check one off right there). It can be hard to appreciate all that you’re doing when it seems there’s always more to do but start by taking the time to acknowledge the things you are getting done before rushing into whatever’s next. There will always be more to do, so make sure to take the time to keep your mind healthy and reduce the stress you’re feeling while being productive!

featured photo by: Marco Say

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