Mission Statement:

The Roosevelt News aims to represent the diverse student population at Roosevelt. We strive to provide accurate, fair and unbiased news in order to increase reader awareness of issues apparent to the immediate and global community. We are a student-run publication advised by Christina Roux serving students, staff, parents and alumni and are an open forum for opinions of all those we serve.

Signed opinion pieces represent the views of the writers and not necessarily those of the Editorial Board. The Roosevelt News accepts signed letters to the editor. Please submit them to Room 235 or Ms. Roux’s mailbox or by email to therooseveltnews@gmail.com. If you are interested in running an advertisement in our print publication, please email our managing editor, Dane Rogerson, at dorogerson@comcast.net. The Roosevelt News reserves the right to reject any advertisement deemed unacceptable for publication. The Roosevelt News does not run illegal, hateful, or inappropriate advertisements.