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Jonathan Gooch (better known as his stage names “Feed Me” and “Spor”), just set the bar for EDM producers worldwide with his new album, “Calamari Tuesday”. Born in the UK, Gooch has produced 5 EPs and many singles in the past, but “Calamari Tuesday” is his first LP, totaling 15 tracks. Feed Me is widely known for his jumpy, powerful Electro House beats, heavy vocal sampling, and complex synths and basses. The album was released on CD, iTunes, and Beatport on October 14th, 2013, and then on Vinyl on the 21st.

Jonathan Gooch poses next to his 3D printed persona, “Feed Me”, as a teaser for “Calamari Tuesday”


Even though the fourth track “Ebb and Flow” is stereotypical mid-range “Brostep”, this album features an eclectic variety Electronic Music styles, including Electro House, Glitch Hop, Trap, and Dubstep. The album begins with the dark, orchestral track “Orion”, a perfect way to start this album’s experience. It then moves on to the pounding Electro House hit, “Death By Robot”. After a few tracks of super-pumped House, it moves on to “Rat Trap”, Gooch’s own take on Trap music. “Dazed” and “Ophelia” come soon after, slowing down the pace a bit, helping the sound build up to “Fiasco”, a huge, rock-inspired bit of heaven. The album quickly quiets down for the soft “Love Is All I Got” (with Crystal Fighters), but quickly picks back up with “Short Skirt”. This is a glitch hop track you don’t want to miss. Fans of Electro Swing will find this track very well crafted and entertaining. Then, to please the Dubstep scene, Gooch drops “No Grip”. You can expect fantastic high register synths, thick bass, heavy vocal chopping, and kick drums that punch holes in your skull. The album slows down and stops with “Last Requests” (featuring Jenna G).

The Album Cover for “Calamari Tuesday”


Aevin’s Top 3 Tracks:

1: Death By Robot

2: Fiasco

3: Short Skirt

Rating: 9/10. I would’ve loved to hear an album like “Welcome Reality” by Nero from Feed Me… “Orion” got my hopes up too high for an album with a story, but the overall composition of the tracks is pristine. It’s a fantastic album. Highly Recommended.

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