In the current movie landscape, loaded with city-destroying action sequences, clashing gods, and armies of millions threatening the earth from other worlds, Marvel’s Ant-Man offered an enjoyable change-of-pace to say the least. In many past Marvel movies, the fighting and destruction takes place on such an enormous scale; it was a breath of fresh air for Ant-Man to be able to accomplish all of his super-human tasks at a near-microscopic level.

The moviemakers’ ability to transport the viewer from a normal-sized world to the world of an insect sized man was exhilarating. Due to this, viewing the film in an IMAX 3-D format is highly recommended because it enhances these visuals to a completely new level. Although all of these factors make Ant-Man a movie definitely worth seeing, the film still couldn’t stray from too many clichés. This drawback not only includes common super-hero movie characteristics, but also jokes that could very well be used in “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids”. Luckily, Paul Rudd’s performance as Scott Lang (A.K.A Ant-Man) is an accurate depiction of the original character Stan Lee and the Marvel team thought up. This helps combat the normal tropes because he is indeed not the average superhero. His not-so-witty retorts get some great laughs and, instead of the usual, over-the-top-combat-seeking hero, he is cat burglar who enjoys the thrill of stealth instead of confrontation. On top of this, another thing to look forward to is one of Ant-Man’s accomplices, Luis as played by Michael Peña. The movie is almost worth a view just because of his hilarity.

This movie is great for both comic-lovers and just the casual watcher. Paul Rudd makes Scott Lang easy to sympathize with and root for. This, along with the humor and great fighting sequences, make it a true crowd pleaser. With that, I give Ant Man 4 out of 5 stars. To reiterate, it is well worth a ticket, ESPECIALLY in 3-D.

Featured Picture: The movie poster for Ant-Man. 

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