Is Next Level Burger really on a whole new level?

In terms of their milkshakes, yes. However, in terms of their fries and burgers, not so much. After passing by the new vegan hamburger place in Whole Foods called “Next Level Burger” for weeks on end, on top of hearing many raving reviews about it’s tasty food, I decided to check it out. I ordered a coconut based vegan Mint Chocolate Chip Milkshake, a “Classic” vegan burger and fries. I went in expecting the milkshake to taste overly coconutty with a blast  of mint and flakey chocolate, and the burger to be rubbery, but one that melts in your mouth with the array of flavors. To my delightful surprise, I came to realize this vegan milkshake hardly tasted vegan at all, in fact, it tasted more to me like a gourmet coconut milkshake. Their Coconut Mint Chocolate Chip milkshake was a very wise choice, I even craved that exact one a couple days later. Then, I began to munch on the burger. To be honest, I was very excited to eat this burger after all the beautiful things I had heard about it. To my disappointment, the patty itself was a bit dry, the burger was grossly over seasoned and didn’t fully satisfy my tastebuds, as I had hoped. The more I ate it, I realized that the burger was only truly good to satisfy because I was extremely hungry. Moving onto the fries, I was overwhelmed with it’s intense savory tastiness in which made my tongue dry. Like the burger, the fries were over seasoned, but this time with far too much salt. In reflection, even though their milkshakes were quite tasty, I wasn’t satisfied with the quality of the burger or fries causing me not to give Next Level Burger my stamp of approval. This being said, I believe that Next Level Burger is not on a whole new level in terms of food options. On a different note, if you are a vegan or even a hungry student after a long day of work, will you find yourself eating a Next Level Burger? Don’t let my critical review stop you from going to our local Whole Foods in Roosevelt Square to try it out on your own!


Photo By: Sophia Axel

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