Are you more of a Walseth or Marenstein person? Take the quiz to find out!


What wakes you up in the morning?

A) A can of Redbull and some Mountain Dew

B) Good conversation


Do you prefer…

A) A view of 15th and Dan’s kitchen

B) A view of 65th and dilapidated houses


In your taste, what is good classroom décor?

A) Posters of every single era in the history of physics

B) Pictures of your face plastered around the room


How would you arrange a classroom?

A) Tables and chairs strewn about an oddly shaped room

B) Organized around the perimeter of a square room


Which is weirder to you?

A) Glass jars full of dead sea animals

B) Sinks full of trash


Are you more of a/an…

A) relaxed, go with the flow person

B) engaged student and good listener


For your head of hair, would you want…
A) A wet ponytail wrapped in a towel

B) A nice jew-fro


How do you organize your belongings?
A) Everything piled in a messy back room

B) Behind sliding whiteboards


What is your favorite sport?
A) Volleyball

B) Biking


Overall, who do you like more?
A) Walseth

B) Marenstein


If you got mostly A’s, you are more of a Walseth person!

If you got mostly B’s, you are more of a Marenstein person!
Thanks for playing!



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