Battle of the Bands is drawing near! This exciting competition between Roosevelt bands is going to be at 7:30 on December 9th in the RHS theater. According to Will Gunn, one of the ASR representatives in charge of the event, there will be three or four adult judges who will decide on the winner- a prize is yet to be determined. “I am excited to hear the music” says junior, Will.

So far four bands have signed up to perform on December 9th including Hallow Moon, who brought it at the talent show last year. They have been together for two years and practice once a week.

“My favorite part about being in a band is being able to hang out and make music,” states band member Thomas Hinds. “I’m really looking forward to hearing other bands. I haven’t heard any of them play before, so it will be really exciting.”

Another band rolling into the scene is Moroccan Dog, only having been a band for a short while, they are excited to see what’s next. Callan Spafford from Moroccan Dog, says,

“There’s a lot to enjoy when it comes to being in a band- just getting to do what you love and sharing it with other people.”

The date is coming up soon. It is sure to be an exciting event, full of music and fun so come on down!

Photo by: Natalie Kauper

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