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Daphne Jacobsen

Her is a new science fiction movie set in the future that intrigues audiences with its new approach to a comedic and dramatic love story. The plot is certainly a shocking one. Theodore Twombly, an anti-social writer, lives in a world where everyone walks around focused only on the devices that occupy their hands, ears, and eyes. He writes love letters and thank you notes for other people. One day he buys an operating system that has artificial intelligence that will help him with his daily life. It can talk, think, multitask, and act just like a human. Over time, this lonely writer falls in love with his operating system which becomes increasingly intelligent. He must face balancing relationships, physicality, and the pursuit of joy all within a world that has limited connection.

This movie is a reflection on modern relationships and our fascination with technology. While most of the movie’s dialogue is between Theodore and his operating system, Samantha, it is done beautifully and engages the audience. The director uses color in a striking way that holds your eye to the screen. My favorite part of the movie is the fabulous soundtrack, which was partly composed by Arcade Fire, that fit seamlessly with the story. The filming itself was captivating and played a large role in the story; it helped set the tone and show the physical separation. This separation is a large barrier in the relationship and makes Theodore feel like a freak because he fell in love with a computer.

This movie is surprisingly touching even though it seems like an odd premise. The relationship contains realistic joys and problems intertwined with its own special extreme conditions. The struggle that the situation presents highlights Theodore’s side of the relationship that is physically displayed on camera.

While I am one to cry at movies, Her brought me to tears many times. It shows human connection in a time where Theodore’s surroundings lack that. Theodore touches audience as he stumbles through all sorts of relationships that leaves the audience cringing, laughing, and crying.

This is not a first date movie. Within the first few minutes there is a scene that earns the movie its “R” rating. Beyond that this movie makes you question commitment and exclusivity in relationships while following Theodore down the crazy road of love and heart break.

This movie is a must watch that will make you smile, laugh, wonder, and possibly (if you are like me) cry.

Grade: A

Rating: R

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