Maddy Axel

As the boy’s lacrosse season comes to an end, the Roughriders have not taken home many victories. “We beat Ballard and Mt. Si but we lost every other game,” senior lacrosse captain Eli Hall reported. This amounted for a lot of losses, “We lost around 12 games,” Hall admitted. Hall blamed the fact that the team had said goodbye to several valuable players from the previous year Hall, “We lost our goalie who played All State last year.” The goalie had been an important member of the lacrosse team last year, but Hall had still been hopeful in the beginning of the season. “We should have been good,” he claimed, “but we just weren’t.”

Regardless, beating Ballard was a big accomplishment for Roosevelt and a shining moment in an otherwise bleak season. Ian Buie, junior lacrosse player, expressed his pride in having beaten their rivals. “Beating Ballard was a goal of ours, and so, although it was a tough season, that was a huge success.” The boy’s lacrosse players were easy going about the season and quite positive considering the losses. “It was a great time,” Hall said, “we just didn’t win very many games.”

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