Over the past few weeks, everyone has been raving about the new burger place on the Ave: Cali Burger. The restaurant was even compared to glorious chains like LA’s In-N-Out. For months, lines have been around the corner for people waiting for burger and fries. This Californian style restaurant looks beautiful on the outside and inside. Clean floors, great artwork on the walls, and  even video on a loop of some skateboarders. The waiters wear matching outfits and smile bright as you walk through the door.


Unfortunately, the restaurant does not live up to expectations.  First off, the staff is relatively incompetent and it takes forever to order. Luckily, there is a self serve express lane over to the right. The small menu offers misleading pictures of meals such as the Cali Double and Chipotle BBQ Chicken.  However, when you receive your food, if they actually give you the right order, you will feel extremely underserved. The fries are pretty awful: lanky, stringy potatoes with hardly any grease. Moreover, the burgers are downright terrible. The meat is tasteless; it’s sandwiched together with over-toasted, cardboard-like pieces of bread. They apply their “signature” sauce to every burger, an orangish sweet sauce that will make you vomit. Despite this, the milkshakes are okay, despite the huge cubes of ice stuck inside it. And, to top it all off, the place is extremely overpriced. For instance, two burgers, shakes and fries costs twenty five dollars. You can order all of that at Dicks for under ten dollars and it would taste a million times better.

Trust me, it’s just a knockoff of In-N-Out. Even if you want to “experience the taste of California” like the slogan suggests, don’t eat there. Just go to California.

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