On Tuesday April 4th and Wednesday April 5th students voted for their student council candidates as well as ASR Officers, such as the President and Treasurer. They selected the candidates they like best after viewing a video of each, in which candidates discussed who they were and what they hoped to achieve in the next year.

Becoming a student in ASR is relatively simple, but that does not mean it is easy. Students hoping to get an Appointed position need not be elected by fellow classmates, but instead fill out an application and submit it to a board of ASR members and RHS faculty who review it and decide which student would best fit the position. Appointed positions include Director of DIversity, Spirit Coordination, and many more. Those wishing to run for class or executive council must also fill out an application but they are elected by a popular vote from their fellow students. These two methods help to ensure those in ASR are well qualified, and passionate about their roles.

Below are the profiles of those who were elected for executive class council and what it means to be each executive member.

President: The ASR President must be the bridge between adults and students, attending PSTA meetings to learn more about what Staff and parents have planned while also representing the student body. In addition to this they must help to organise the ARS class and ensure disputes are settled fairly and that each member knows what they are doing. The president also connects and coordinates with other clubs and Roosevelt organisations.

  • Nate Koidahl:  As president, Koidahl wants to free up parking spaces and save money by creating a teacher rotation system in which classrooms that are only used for part of they day are filled the whole day, by bringing teachers who would be in the portables into the free classrooms. He also hopes to give more money to Roosevelt’s clubs and help to illuminate the different communities that help to make RHS diverse.  

Vice President: The Vice President must help the different ASR councils to run smoothly, as well as filling in for any other executive leader in their absence. They also oversee students working in appointed positions, ensuing each is able to work effectively.

  • Ruby Powers: Powers, who ran unopposed, plans to focus on community service during her time as VP, striving to have each student do one hour of service each month. She hope to do this by having morning announcements include opportunities for service each week, and by making volunteering very accessible.

Secretary: The Secretary’s main role is to take minutes of ASR meetings and make them quickly available to other members. They must also maintain the ASR website, sent news to PTSA and keep record of all ASR events.

  • Sammie Cohen: Cohen plans to make ASR more accessible to the rest of the school by taking clear notes of what ASR is doing and posting them to the website.

Treasurer: ASR’s Treasurer must attend all RHS budget meetings as well as create a weekly budget for ASR and keep record of all ASR expenditures.

  • Will Gunn: Gun, who ran unopposed,  hopes to truly balance the budget. He also hopes to use his powers as treasurer to ensure all of Roosevelt’s activities have a fair budget and decent funding. 

Featured photo by: Roxanne Alabastro

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