I don’t think I do, but for you cat people out there I will. Dogs are what makes the world go round. Picture yourself on one of those days when everything seems to be going awry. You’re on your way home, grumbling to yourself about some teacher or some test when you open the front door to something amazing. Your dog. Your dog will come sprinting over, ready with sweet kisses and a wagging tail. Dogs will always greet you with such excitement and love that you will forget all about your previous troubles.

    Not only will dogs cheer you up with unconditional love, but they will also provide comic relief. Doggos will get into all kinds of funny situations that will leave you even more in love with them than before. My dog, Quill acts as though his butt is a whole nother creature. When I try to get his attention, his face will be looking away, ignoring me but his tail will give him away and start wagging. There is also the frequent occurrence of when he toots and will whip his head around to look at his bum as if it has offended him. Despite Quill’s surprise gas moments, I honestly don’t know where I would be without him. He makes me so happy with all of his sweet quirks.

     I have not only seen how a dog can change my life, but I have also seen how they have changed the lives of my friends. One of my best friends when I was little was going through a hard time with her family, but things changed once they got a dog. When I first met my friend her family had a dog, but he was old and passed away several years later. His passing was very hard on her family and I even remember telling her that I would share Toby (my dog at the time) with her. After their needed mourning time her family added a new young pup to the family. Their sweet new dog brought much love and laughter back into their home that had been lacking for far too long.

     Dogs have the ability to lift your spirits on a bad day, make you laugh with their shenanigans and strengthen a family’s bond. Dogs are so much more than pets, they are a part of people’s families.

graphic by: Maggie Udd


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