Isabelle Gubas

The opening day of Drama Fest was a huge success! Long lines of supporters queued anxiously after school hoping to find the perfect seat before the theater got too packed, which they knew was an inevitable prospect. Meanwhile, the casts of three amazing one-act plays stood backstage, making their final preparations before they presented everything they had been working towards for the past two months, to their peers and on looking judges.

Monday’s three performances included Inside Al, directed by Alex Belmore and assistant directed by Daphne Jacobsen, Icarus’ Mother, directed by Liam Keenan and assistant directed by Nathan Wolfe, and This is a Test, directed by Corinna Wagner-Smith.


The opening show, Inside Al, depicted a man with cerebral palsy, and the emotional battle he fought inside when a few teenagers took him on as their project for a “be nice to someone” assignment.

The actors had a spectacular performance: Larson Eernissee as Al physically embodied the muscular strain of cerebral palsy, while Jack Christenson took on the emotions that Al could not communicate. Abby Jernberg, Noah Foster-Koth, and Annalisa Brinchman took on the role of teenagers struggling to complete a school project to help Al. All the actors worked hard to give an excellent show, and kick off Roosevelt’s 58th Drama Fest with a bang!

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