Today in society, people are fixated on healthy bodies. We diet and exercise, but do we ever think about mental health? When it comes to mental health, we aren’t as healthy as we should be. When we aren’t stressed or we sleep nine hours every night, we almost feel like we are doing something wrong: that’s how ingrained it is in our society. But stress could have some side effects as well. We don’t think about how when we are stressed or stay up long hours, our immune systems weaken, opening us to diseases or the number one thing that kills people in America, Coronary Heart Disease. This correlates with people who are much more stressed and easily frustrated overall. This drawing of a drinking, smoking, lazy brain is supposed to represent that we can be healthy in body and physique, but in the end we cannot forget about our health mentally. Our brain has a hand in everything that occurs in our bodies. We should find ways to relax and ease the worries we have, because we might not know how it could be affecting us in the long run.


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