Roosevelt will be featuring biweekly editorial cartoons from our graphics staff, most of whom are enjoying their first year on news. This inaugural piece is by Maggie Maher.

00001I drew this particular piece because I find this topic to be extremely relevant and  important. This cartoon shows how police are viewed through different eyes, the naked one, and the big, bad social media. As of recently, police have gotten a terrible reputation through unarmed shootings of numerous black people, getting them labeled as “racist” and “evil”. This has caused a country-wide state of hatred and rebellion of the law by the general public, and has given the name “police officer” quite a sting to it. But people aren’t looking at the bigger picture (and I’m not talking about the one on their phones).

I am not denying that there are racist police out there, but that does not mean we can assume all police are like that. We are looking at police in a small portion of America where racism is extremely relevant. But I ask you this, is racism acceptable in the majority of the states? Spoiler alert, no.

There are police out there that do their job correctly, and follow the strict guidelines that are issued to them by professional individuals. They are there to throw themselves into danger where most people would run away. Their job is to serve and protect. And yet, hatred towards them has never been higher because of one officer on the other side of the country. I guess one bad apple really does spoil the bunch. ”  


  1. okay literally no — polica brutality happens everywhere even in the north even in seattle do your research

  2. This is just so incredibly misinformed.

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