nadia cartoon-20151028How many times have you seen or heard that? While it’s great to appreciate a person’s beauty and achievements, I think the whole “goals” thing is a bit crazy. Besides the poor use of grammar, what is really concerning about this slang is the negativity it communicates.

In this painting, Alice is reaching for that enticing piece of cake that will magically turn her into Beyoncé. Bad idea. She is curious and not that wise, as you may have noticed in the Disney movie. Alice will be changed into a completely different person and still be unsatisfied, ultimately regretting her decision.

Celebrities don’t actually have the perfect everything, so saying they are “goals” and striving to be them both dehumanizes them and discounts our own unique talents. It takes some courage to find out what we’re all about and to then show it to the world, but let’s strive to make being our best selves our “goals”.


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