Students have received a sudden extension to their summer breaks, but with it, complications in regards to many of their extracurricular activities. While sports continue, ASR, Drama, and other such activities are struggling in the face of school’s delay. ASR President Jessamyn Reichmann-Young and Spirit Coordinator Kai Haven give a look into what the strike’s done to the student government. 
We love our teachers; we love them with a burning passion. But this strike is messing everything up in the realm of student government. Due to the teacher strike, we were forced to delay (and probably ancel) the welcome back assembly after hours were put into working on the script and getting people involved. To throw on top of that, Homecoming week is from September 21st – 25th and ASR has yet to plan the dance, decorations, rake, lunch time activities, assembly and more! By the looks of it, we’ll going to have to drag the kiddos in before and after school…whenever it starts. As the cherry on top of all that stress and time, each individual of ASR has to plan and implement one to two more projects per month (and make sure they’re good).

Regardless, our student body has decided to direct our energy towards backing up our teachers. Since the teachers are the ones who educate us so we can have a successful future, why wouldn’t we walk with them? They are striking for us to have reasonable testing, equality in schools, and fair evaluations so we have quality teachers and other important assets to let our teachers do their jobs well. This creates two sides to the strike: first, it’s a burden to our plans but second, it has brought our students and teachers to stand up for their voice.

Featured Photo: Reichman-Young, second from the left, helped organize a “Read In” at the University of Washington in spite of her inability to perform her normal ASR duties. 

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