Every single day, when I look out the window, my world is drastically transformed from a claustrophobic, congested classroom to a land of glowing trees that ooze with orange and yellow leaves. These beautiful fall trees gleam like the face of the sun. Like the fall season, these trees won’t last for long. Seattle is full of miraculous trees scattered between the many houses. It is often a struggle to find trees in concentrated bunches while still in the city.

Foster Island is more versatile than many realize. One of the best places to view the changing leaves is the arboretum, specifically, Foster Island. It is packed full of magnificent trees. Walk along the Foster Point Trail until it intersects with the Arboretum Waterfront Trail and boardwalk. Sit on a lakeside bench and watch the boats pass in front of a dazzling reflection of the falling leaves from across the lake. Foster Island is sure to take your breath away.

Another amazing exhibit of fall leaves is the Seattle Japanese Gardens. Also close to Foster Island, this small garden is stunning year round. Specifically during fall, the colors of the leaves compliments the koi and the remarkable Japanese architecture perfectly. Although summer is over, picnic season doesn’t have to be. Sit on a stone bench near the koi pond and share a snack with a friend while both feeling like you have traveled across the world.

A place more close to home to see the transforming trees is Cowen and Ravenna Park. Take a pristine walk through the woods and see the leaves fall around you. Revel in the last few rays of sunshine as they slip between the branches of the towering trees. Bring some tea or hot chocolate to cozy up in this wonderful park.

With the stress of school, it’s vital to break the normalcy of daily routine and escape into the enchantment of nature. Fall is the perfect season to sit in a park and destress. Seattle’s Parks are wonderful places to go to take senior pictures, go for a walk, or simply enjoy the often forgotten beauty around us.


Graphic By: Maya Williams

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