Finals week. Quite possibly the most stressful three days of the semester for students of RHS. Seventy-two hours of constant studying, testing, and watching to see your grade plunge past the point of no return. Imagine, you have an 84 percent in the class, desperately clinging to that blue letter “B” on power school, praying that your final exam is graded on a curve, and all the while your teachers sit back and laugh as they feed scantron after scantron into the machine that will decide your fate.

    In an attempt to dish back some of the stress given to us by our teachers, we gave Algebra 2 and Statistics instructor, Judson Miller, a final, graciously provided by Chemistry teacher Jon Bonnelle.

    “I’m gonna bomb this!” exclaimed Judson as we handed him a paper featuring a series of chemical equations, “I know it’s all just algebra, but I don’t remember how to do any of it.” Being the good sport he is, Judson agreed to take the final, and “bomb” it he did.

Coming in at a staggering 30 percent, Judson succeeded in answering all but three questions incorrectly, while also circling what he believed to be a multiple choice answer on a free response question. Judson was unavailable to comment on his final score, but given that it has been many years since he’s taken a science course of any kind, we’ll give him a pass on the “F” he received. It seems that Stats teachers should stick to calculating averages, and leave the science to … well, the science teachers.

Photo By: Natalie Kauper

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