Julia Hower

On Friday, over 70 Roosevelt students crowded the upper commons, preparing for a night of fun and new friends at the first Roosevelt Lock In. Although nervous at first, students mingled with attendees from different friend groups and grades, all the while munching on free snacks. The Lock In began as a project for the Hands for a Bridge class intended to break down barriers between cliques, as well as the divide between freshmen and the rest of the school, but quickly blossomed into a popular school wide event and hopefully an annual occurrence.

After completing entrance surveys about cliques, drugs, and friends, students were let loose in the school. Many activities were available- an art room, a writing workshop, movie showings, board games, and group discussions about difficult topics such as alcohol abuse and feeling left out at school.

The night concluded with an open mic, where students were encouraged to share pieces they had written in the writing workshop throughout the evening. Although this was just the first step in a big effort to build bridges between all students at Roosevelt, it was an amazing start.

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