Since 1976, the month of February has been nationally recognized as Black History Month and this year made no exception. However, in a small lapse of judgement that has been blown incredibly out of proportion by social media, the Associated Students of Roosevelt decided that the school should celebrate “kindness month” as well. After the announcement of kindness month, and the placing of a poster in the commons, some students feel as though Black History Month is being underrepresented or, as one angry twitter member stated, “I’m disgusted by the fact that they want to cover up a whole month that is dedicated to black people everywhere.” The poster that ASR put on display was torn down by an upset student.

Black Student Union president Jinji Amen said that she was “A little disappointed at the lack of school representation for Black History Month.” She believes that the mixup was partially due to miscommunications between BSU and ASR. Both associations met to discuss what the next course of action will be. “We’re trying to fix everything,”says Amen. Amen also said that both BSU and herself do not condone the tearing down of the kindness month poster. She thinks that it was too much of an angry outburst.

Sophomore class council member Luna Piper commented on behalf of ASR. She explained that ASR decided to participate in what was originally kindness week because of a corporate suggestion from the We Movement. Piper stated that kindness month was “in no way intended to offend anyone or take priority over black history month.” She hopes that ASR and BSU will be able to come to a consensus about the celebration and designation of this month.

This morning, ASR apologized for any feelings of being overlooked and announced that they will be working with BSU in order to better celebrate Black History Month.   

Photo by Maya Williams

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