For some, Veterans day is a time that sparks neither emotions, nor memories. However, for others it is an integral part of their year, spent remembering those who have fought, and continue to fight. It is a day spent remembering, as well as honoring. So for November 11th, you may want to go out of your way to show that you care on this special day, for while it may not be important to you, it can be very important to someone else.

Seattle has always been proactive in providing ample activities and events that you and your loved ones can go to or participate in. Here are a few from the endless list of activities available to the average Seattleite.

Free State Parks

November 11, 2015

All throughout Washington, state parks are completely open to the public, free of charge. Families can plan a picnic and go to a park or simply spend time resting at one, in honor of those who have fought. Along with free state park admissions, that same day, there will also be free national park admissions.

While it is important to honor and respect our standing heros, as well as those who have fallen, it is also important to celebrate. Here are some alternative ideas for how your Veterans day should be spent.

Veterans Day Parades

November 11- 15, 2015

Across Washington, Veterans sacrifices will be honored at Veterans Day parades all over the state. while none are in Seattle, it may be worth the trip to show respect to those that the day’s dedicated to. These parades occur in Wenatchee, Oak Harbor, Vancouver, and more cities in the PNW.

See the full list of parades

Relationship Musical

November 11-15, 2015

A great musical to go to with that special someone in your life, be it significant other or a family member. This romantic comedy follows  a love stricken couple whose memories of their relationship don’t quite line up with one another. A warming comedy for those cold November nights.

Many may feel that dim November lull start to set in, or are perhaps recovering from that October flatline of emotions experienced by all those summer fanatics. But fear not! For these suggestions may be exactly what you need to pick yourself up from those pre-winter blues. So get outside! Embrace the cold and rain, it’s a marvelous thing! Imagine you’re in Paris, where the rain only adds to the aesthetic.



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