America was in a mad frenzy over the $1,596,400,000 jackpot offered by Powerball. While the winners were eventually determined and are splitting the prize, we asked Roisevelt students what they would’ve done if they’d gotten their hands on the winning tickets. 

“Shopping streak and I want a new phone that could type papers for me.” -Anna Morley, 10

“Go to all 7 continents, get a really big house in Japan, make national holiday where no one has to work or school, and make a sky bison from Avatar through genetic modification.” -Tommy Neffner, 12AirBisonPowerballPics
“I’d give a lot away, but I would still stay in school and become a doctor. I’d the save it for a rainy day.” -Andrew Moore, 11

“Donate a lot of it to charity and then fund all of my college to get my pastry diploma in Paris.” -Grace Marshall, 12


“I’d build a mansion in Cali and I’d make a secret basement with a million shoes.” -Greyson Busch, 9

“Attempt to feed all the kids in Africa, buy a country with a palace for orphaned kids, make a treasure map for someone to find some of the money, and see the wonders of the world” -Joel Musafiri, 11OrphanagePowerball
“I’d get 20 hoverboards. I’d give a third of it to the school, but also build a mansion.” -Tony Chen, 9

Featured Photo: As unlikely as it is, the thought of the powerball jackpot inspires all sorts of fantasies. Picture by Lucas Suarez. 

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