Daphne Jacobsen

Roosevelt hosted its first Visual and Performing Arts Gala  last Wednesday, March 12th. Art pieces from Roosevelt’s students were displayed in the Commons. Guests wandered the displays while Frank Sinatra’s smooth voice drifted down from the speakers above. There was a great variety in the art displayed in terms of medium and style. In the theater there were performances so that people could share a different style of art.

This project was put on by ASR to show off all of the artistic talents that Roosevelt holds. They aimed to incorporate every type of art. I was amazed that people I went to school with were such talented artists, producing everything from quilts to sculptures. The quests also viewed art that they see more frequently around Roosevelt such as photos, music, and theater.

This event was a great place to bring all of Roosevelt’s art forms together. It was fabulous being able to feel like I was at a museum filled with my peers’ art work. Hopefully this event turns into an annual occasion. This year the turnout was quite small, but the people there seemed to all have a favorite piece and really enjoy the selection of art.

My favorite was Anni Hong’s work. Her small paintings filled a table; they were varied in style and all very pretty. She also painted a large piece that was framed. The beautiful scene depicted a castle on a shore. One guest exclaimed “This could be in a museum!” when he saw it. The Visual and Performing Arts Gala was a place to learn more about one’s peers and what they create.  If it is back next year, be sure to stop by!

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