By Luisa Moreno

At Hamilton International Middle School, students are questioning their humanity, with the help of the 100% Human Project. Eight 8th grade students are leading the movement which aims to remind those who feel different that they too are 100% human.

Though Seattle is known for its openness and liberalism, some still tend to forget how their words affect others. After discussions about transgender students and the problems they frequently face, members of the Gay-Straight Alliance decided to analyze the differences within their community, and display some of the lesser seen discrimination students face. To show the student body some examples, the organizers put up posters in the hallways with helpline numbers, surveyed the students and asked for quotes from students that show some of the insensitivities they’ve experienced, such as “But you’re not a real guy” and “What half Asian are you?”

The students stressed that the project didn’t focus only on gender, but about any number of issues that students are experiencing, including race, mental illness or homelessness. On May 8th, staff and students wore t-shirts which said “100% Human” on them. In addition, “We’re decorating the doors to our classrooms,” sixth grader Isabella Staudenraus mentioned.

The organizers have been working almost entirely independently on the project for months, with little staff intervention. They hope to continue the project and carry on supporting those of all backgrounds and identities, as well as showing people that their words are impactful. Staudenraus praised the project and said, “You don’t all have to be the same, you can be different.”

Featured Photo: Hamilton International Middle School. Photo by Ira Rose-Kim


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