Well, The Roosevelt News has you covered. Here are a couple of marvelous (and quick) costume ideas to help you be the life of the party.

Deviled Egg

To have the cleverest costume of all, dress up as a deviled egg. You need an egg costume and some devil horns. Can’t find an egg costume? Make your own by covering yourself with a sheet and sticking a large yellow circle in the middle of your stomach.

Dwight Schrute (From The Office)

Like Jim discovered, dressing up as Dwight Schrute only costs $11! All you need is the glasses, the mustard-colored shirt, a brown tie, and a strong opinion on bears, beets, and Battlestar Galactica. Note: Identity theft is not a joke

Ghost of Key terms Past

The class of 2018 and beyond doesn’t have to deal with the infamous APUSH key terms. Now that key terms are gone, the Ghost of Key terms’ Past is a fantastic costume to get a laugh out of friends and teachers. Simply glue “key terms” all over your clothes and bam, you’re Halloween ready.


This is probably the cutest costume of all these options. Stuff an old pair of brown gloves with shredded cotton balls and sew to a brown hoodie. Glue works too if the gloves aren’t too heavy. Make sure the rest of your outfit is mostly brown and you’re all set!


For those of you who wish to join the clown movement, grab a scary clown costume or mask and you’ll have the spookiest costume of all. Watch out though because people might try to fight you.

A Bunch of Grapes

The Grape costume is the definition of quick and easy. All you need is a couple of purple balloons and a green hat. Blow up the balloons and tape them all over your body. The green hat is for the stem.

Good Luck!

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