Each year a terrific selection of movies are slated to play at the seasonal Magnuson Outdoor Movie Nights. Movies are played every Thursday night at Magnuson Park, a communal event where anyone is welcome to join in on a night of fun. The heat of the day when you arrive fades quickly once the movie begins, so it’s a good idea to pack along some blankets or extra layers to bundle up in once the movie gets under way. The area where the movie is held is down by the outdoor turf soccer fields, in a big grassy field that sits between the two entrances to Magnuson. It opens around 7 PM for people to come in, and the movie starts at dusk, usually around 9:00 PM. The entrance fee is $5 and food is available to buy at additional cost. When entering the facility you get a stamp on your hand which enables you to exit and reenter as you wish. There are porta-potties conveniently located around the space as well as trash cans to make disposing of any garbage easy.
Regardless of what time you arrive, there are plenty of things to do there to tie you over until the movie begins. Festive music is already playing as you arrive through the entrance and immediately you can find a place to set your blankets or chairs down in. The earlier you arrive the more options there will be for seating, but the screen is so big that you’ll have a great time anywhere. If you sit close to the speakers, be warned that the initial volume may be a shock, but you will quickly adjust. Unique food trucks line the outer edge of the space, with pizza, salad, popcorn, candy, ice cream and more. The wait time for food varies as the night goes on, but it’s always possible to find an opportune moment to quickly get your food. There are several raffles that you can also enter to win to win some free candy or a seat for the movie. In the time before the movie, you are free to amble around and take a look at whichever of the stands interest you.
Right before the movie starts, the event organizers call all of the viewers into groups and play a quick, but challenging game of trivia about the movie. After assembling your team, you pick a name, and give it your best shot. The leaders of this game are adamant about the restricting the use of your smartphone to look up answers which allows everyone to just have fun trying their best. Some of the questions are fairly tricky, but if you happen to get the most right then you could win yourself some more prizes.
By the time the sun is setting, people up and about start settling down and returning to their spots in time for the movie to begin. The movie is then yours to enjoy! The Magnuson Movies are a great experience for everyone; all you have to do is get a friend or group together and go have fun eating food and watching a movie underneath the stars. It’s not too late to go catch one of the last few movies of the summer with your friends so head out to Magnuson this Thursday to join in on the fun

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