Adam Houston

Model United Nations seeks to encourage dialogue about and solutions to pressing global problems by simulating a UN meeting. High school students represent various countries and committees, ranging from the General Assembly to the Economic and Social Council, and from Afghanistan to Uganda. Our very own Roosevelt Model UN team and their adviser, government teacher Ian Malcolm, attended the Washington State Model UN conference on March 22 and 23.


The diplomats below spent the weekend among the cherry blossoms at the University of Washington debating global issues,  writing well researched position papers, and coming up with solutions to problems ranging from the violence in Central Africa, counterfeit drugs, underdevelopment, whaling, and child marriage.  They did a great job representing their assigned countries and Roosevelt High School.  If you have one of them in class, ask them about their experience.
– Ian Malcolm
Advisor, Model United Nations Club


GA-Faisal Ridwansyah
UNODC-Nadja Khan

Burkino Faso
GA-Julia Morlie
UNODC-Roxanne Trager
AU-Colin Rockey
ECOSOC-Francois Rucki

GA-Emily Navin
UNODC-Kari Lei
ECOSOC-Andrew Nguyen

ICJ-Leonard Chen


GA: General Assembly

UNODC: UN Office of Drugs and Crime

ECOSOC: Economic and Social Council

AU: African Union

ICJ: International Court of Justice

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