Post-holiday lull got you feeling down? Bummed out that Winter Break has abruptly come to a close? Here are a few movies to lift your spirits with some winter cheer and keep those good holiday vibes rolling even on those bleak Seattle winter days:


Rating: PG

On Amazon: rent for $3.99, buy for $19.99

Although you’ve probably already seen this highly popular film, or at least heard Let It Go and Do You Want to Build a Snowman five million times, there’s always time to revisit this animated film. It tells the story of Princess Anna, who goes on a quest to save her kingdom from the eternal winter cast by her sister, Queen Elsa, who has magical ice powers. Helping Anna with her journey are a mountaineer named Kristoff, his reindeer named Sven, and a snowman named Olaf who was brought to life by Elsa’s powers.


Rating: PG

On Amazon: rent for $3.99, buy for $8.99

This classic film centers on Kevin McCallister, a bratty 8-year-old who wishes he didn’t have a family. His wish comes true (sort of) when he must sleep in the attic for misbehaving and ends up being forgotten at home as the rest of the family leaves for the holidays. At first Kevin is overjoyed- until he discovers two con men trying to rob his house. He realizes that he must protect the house, with every homemade trap he can think. Watching the con men fall, get hit in the head, burn themselves, and otherwise get hurt is both hilarious and makes you cringe a little.


Rating: Not Rated

On Amazon: rent for $3.99, buy for $7.99

In this movie, you will enter the fast-paced and exciting world of snowboarding as you follow Travis Rice down beautiful slopes from British Columbia to Chile, Alaska to Wyoming and Colorado. Along with the new tricks, breathtaking scenery, and wildlife seen along the way, The Art of Flight gives you a look at the avalanches, accidents, and other risks of snowboarding. It is a truly beautiful film, taking two years to shoot and including shots from gopros all the way to helicopters.


Rating: PG-13

On Amazon: rent for $3.99, buy for $7.99

This uplifting drama/comedy features Eddie “the Eagle” Edwards, who dreams of becoming a professional skier and competing in the Olympics. But with heavy competition from other skiers, he decides to switch to ski jumping instead, a sport Britain had not competed in for 59 years. Despite being heavier than most competitors, having little funding for training, and being very near-sighted, Eddie the Eagle manages to qualify for the 1988 Winter Olympics as the sole British applicant. You’re sure to be cheering on Eddie, even as he slides into last place.


Hang in there, Riders!

Graphic By: Petra Lavin

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