Emma Dunlap

Ten of Teddy’s finest stepped onto the Roosevelt stage on Monday, February 10th all hoping to claim the title “Mr. Roosevelt” and be bestowed a crown and sash. The ten contestants, including one pair, consisted of freshman Chase Small, juniors Luke Woodle, Eli D’Albora, and Nick Williamson, and seniors Max Trieger, Max Grasa, Connor Daviss, Nick Matz, and Joe Bigelow and John Peterson as a pair. Juniors Larson Eernissee and Michael Kaczkowski hosted the event while Mr. Gross, Ms. Isaman, and Ms. Mackoff presided as judges. The evening consisted of several rounds, the first being a quick “Get to Know the Contestants” portion. When asked what he would steal if he could steal anything, Daviss looked at the crowded and replied emphatically, “Your heart.”

The night moved into the Fashion Show portion as the contestants showed their favorite styles, strutting down the red carpet to the tune of Justin Timberlake’s “Sexyback.” The red carpet was left astray after Woodle’s confident catwalk down the aisle and Bigelow’s “bend and snap.” The following comedy portion consisted of most contestants sharing their best jokes and comedic stories as well as D’Albora’s puns: “I forgot some of my footwear backstage. Shoe-d I go get it?”

The most anticipated part of the evening by many in the audience, the Talent portion showcased an array of skills. Woodle showed off his prowess on the drums, rapping the theme song from a past generation-favorite show “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” This proved to be a real crowd pleaser as most of the audience rapped along. Small played “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” beautifully on his saxophone. D’Albora brought an assistant into his performance, his large yellow lab who stared at the audience, wagged its tail, and howled soulfully as D’Albora played his harmonica. An audience member commented that the performance “pulled on my heart.” Nick Williamson, calling himself the “chief smoothie maker in the student store” made a smoothie that he shared with the judges. Both the Max’s (Treiger and Grasa) performed the song “Jump,” mumbling along to the rap portion they read off a lyric sheet and shouting “Jump!” which the crowd certainly found amusing.

The crowd was given a special treat when the curtain raised to show Bigelow and Peterson lying on the ground side by side in black, tight, full spandex suits. With an interpretive ribbon dance, the composed, newborn-like expressions on both of their faces, and a couple of falls here and there, their performance made the entire audience and judges laugh. In the final two performances, Matz played the banjo and Daviss lip-synced and danced with members of the audience.

After the final Super Quiz round that consisted of common knowledge questions, the three judges made their final decisions. Woodle took third, Daviss took second, and the ribbon-dancing senior pair, Bigelow and Peterson claimed this year’s Mr. Roosevelt title. Considering that a pair won, a member of the audience announced, “This is going to make the Dating Game really weird.”

Check back tonight for a wrap-up of the Dating Game.

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