Although I am speaking in generalizations, documentary nature shows are easily the best shows out there. They have something to offer for any audience, for those who enjoy romantic love stories, just tune in to National Geographic channel to watch the bizarre mating traditions of certain tropical birds or watch penguins with their life mates (Which is a much more of a real emotional experience then the staged “love” stories of shows like “The Bachelor”). For those who enjoy action packed adventures, tune in to Nat Geo Wild, channel 666 with Comcast, to watch three cheetahs team up to take down a full grown ostrich. This has all the action without the boringly fake computer generated images found in so many of today’s box office action movies.

Even for those who find entertainment in the horror genre, the deep sea episodes of “life” by BBC will fulfill all of your creepy crawly needs with a plethora of bizarre and horrifying creatures. The best part is these animals are all actually real, unlike the ghosts and ghouls in the movies that fall into the horror category.

For those who truly want a cinematic experience of mythical proportions, it is absolutely imperative that they partake in the journey that is all eleven episodes of the British broadcasting channels masterpiece of film “Planet Earth.” This story will take you across the globe, from species to species, climate to climate, and emotion to emotion. You will laugh, cry, yell, and fall in love before the cinematic masterpiece has come to its conclusion. Not to mention your ears will be in a state of euphoria after so many hours hearing the silky voice of narrator David Attenborough. This journey is one that all must take before their life comes to an end, and it is truly what cements nature documentaries as simply the best form of entertainment available in an over saturated media market.

Graphic by:  Savannah Wellenstein

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