Every Tuesday at 8:00 AM, Room 267 becomes alive with laughter, conversations, and carrots. Roosevelt’s new Fruit and Vegetables Club, run by Emma Ireton, Leah Likin, and Anna Shmulevich, is striving to bring healthy eating habits to RHS.  

“Vegetables and fruit are very important for your nutrition and for a child’s health. We plan to go to elementary schools to inform the kids about how important eating well is for every aspect of our lives,” says Shmulevich.  

img_1088Along with promoting good health, this club also engages in activities such as vegetable carving, trips to farmers markets, and food related games.

“I’m just really excited to just bring a ton of students together through their shared love of fruits and vegetables,” adds Likin.

The club wants to create a more healthy community here at Roosevelt High School, and will attempt to do that by bringing more awareness to the benefits of good eating habits.


The club is thriving with around thirty members after only two meetings, and the interest in it is only continuing to rise.  It costs $5.00 to join the club, which covers fees for supplies.  If you are interested in buying a shirt, it costs an additional $15.00. So Roosevelt, be sure to stop by to Room 267 on Tuesday mornings for your healthy dose of fruits and vegetables.


Photos by: Marco (Marcello) Say


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