Below is a selection of works from some of our residential poets! According to their club page, Poets Committee is the club that carries the creative Voice of Roosevelt. It is responsible for the hosting of, set-up and take-down of the school’s Open Mics, which occur one-to-two times every month and Mini Mics every Friday morning. Poets Committee performs at assemblies and promotes the publication of the Creative Arts Quarterly, the arts magazine released four times per year containing all forms of creative expression. Special thanks to poet  laureate Marissa Mcginnis for the entries. 


I miss her

I flipped up her skirt with a crowbar

  And she kissed me with her fist

When the bleeding stopped

I stood there dazed

While she wiped away the saline from my cheeks,

Kissed me

And continued to undress


Her skirt had nails on it

All her clothes

Had nails on them

And when I accumulated the courage

To ask about us

She mentioned something about screwing

And told me to do the math


I wanted to correct her

Say that

It was much more like


Than calculus.

I didn’t want to lose the moment,

And even though I was right

I still would have lost the argument.


She undid her lace facade, and I saw her

And she was beautiful.

Hyperbole is a common affliction

In the presence of a false goddess

I had forgotten how bare reality was

And the grace of things you can hold

In your palms


I still have the crowbar.

I don’t want it

But when I left i forgot to give it back.

Sometimes when I stop thinking I’ll find myself holding it.


There are rust marks from saline. And

I’m sorry.


Little girl I see you

You wonder why they put fish scales on lips

Why placing a mask is necessary for beauty

Sucking in tummies to become as slim as physically possible

Little girl I know you

I know you would rather play sports than wear dresses

You feel like you can’t be yourself because of boys vs girls

Hate the word tomboy because you are so much more than a label

Little girl I am you

Understand that the media is wrong

The ads don’t represent everyone

Pinpointing specific shapes to be ideal

And they’re portrayal of plus size limited to slim bellies and wide hips

Little girl

Your appearance does not represent who you are

Little girl smile

Little girl don’t look at yourself for too long

You will start to hate the mirror and the mirror will show you how to hate yourself

Little girl be careful

I know that the world should be safe for everybody but the dark can hide things and people

Little girl I love you

And I don’t want greedy men to take too much of your kind heart and body that you are so willing to give

Little girl you’re growing up

You’re growing up in a awful place full of awful people

And I know you think you are ok but little girl

I worry

I worry one day they will corrupt your mind and you won’t be so little anymore

Little girl

You are in a Big world

Little girl

You are surrounded by Big men

Little girl

You have a Big heart

Poem by: Marissa Mcginnis



“I’m sorry”

“I’m sorry, I didnt see you there”

“I’m sorry, can I scoot right by you here?”

“I’m sorry, gosh I’m just forever

in the way, huh?”

“I’m so– oh, that was a table”

“Hello, my name is–

oh, I’m so sorry, I cut you off”

And then there were two.

A pair of eyes

gazing out over the crowd,

a whisper in a room,

a shadow in a hall,

and that’s it.

The life of the on-looker,

she’s not looking forward

she’s looking down.

She is not nothing,

she takes up space,

too much on the bathroom scale

by her account,

but space nonetheless.

She is tired of being walked into,

shoved into walls

because you don’t want to look

where you’re going,

tired of her voice

constantly filed under “pending, try again later”.

Later isn’t gonna work for me.

See, a wise woman once told me

“they don’t have to like you

to respect you,”

and you know what?

You’re right, mom.

This girl is tired of handing herself second,

sick of apologies,

a permanent rhyme,

sick of laying herself on the line

to let there be peace

because ….. She can’t solve

all your problems

and that’s okay.

Change whisper to “hey, I take up space too”,

change shadow to “excuse me,

I’m walking here”,

change “pending”

to “I don’t think you heard me,

so listen up”.

This girl is done

apologizing for her existence.

Poem by: Laura Madsen



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