One of the most hotly debated topics on Twitter right now. No, not Donald Trump and that shit show we call our government. The topic is: who are the top 10 best rappers in the game right now. Obviously, at least somewhere in your top 10 there has to be Kendrick Lamar, maybe J.Cole, Kanye West or Chance The Rapper, maybe even somebody way out there like a Lil Yachty or Desiigner. One man’s trash may be another man’s treasure. But if I’m gonna be honest here, there is one man that has revolutionized the game in so many different ways and often wrongly gets classified as trash. This man is Young Thug.

Thugger is a one of a kind rapper, who basically brought a brand new type of hip hop into the main stage. Young Thug’s high-pitched delivery with ear-rattling beats coming out your speakers may sound bad on paper, but once you listen to it you may come to actually like it. Sure it may not be the head turning, mind blowing lyricism that rappers like Kendrick Lamar or Jay-Z use on their outstanding records, but he does make some music that can make you feel litter than Kanye West at a Justin Bieber concert (If you haven’t seen this I suggest you look it up because it’s quite hilarious). What should be taken into account is that the guy is constantly releasing music. He dropped three albums this year with countless bangers including songs like “Wyclef John,” “Digits,” and “With Them,” as well as collaborating with Travis Scott for the song “Pick Up The Phone,” which went on to become a platinum record.

Not only has Young Thug transcended the rap game, but he has also changed the game when it comes to fashion. Thug has always worn tight and metrosexual clothing and even made headlines when his latest album cover for the album “Jeffery” featured him on the cover wearing a dress. He started his own high-end fashion company named YSL, and is also the founder of a record label with the same name.

Thug opened the door for many new-wave artists, and he was really the first of his kind. He created a new type of rap that included fast, high pitched rap with intense beats and quirky lyricism. Young Thug has done so much for both the rap game and hip hop culture in general. And he’s still not slowing down. Thug has a new album expected to drop at any time now and for sure he’s got new features coming to. There have been rumors he’s been working with up and coming rapper 21 Savage, who was his tour mate on his recent “HiHorsed” Tour. Thugger has finally established himself in the rap game and now he can make the push to be at the top of the rap game.

graphic by: Kelly Shor

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