On Wednesday Nov. 9, around 12 a.m. pacific standard time, Donald Trump was announced as the winner of the 2016 presidential election. For many Roosevelt students this was a huge shock and disappointment. Each student and staff member has reacted in various ways to this surprise.

Different teachers throughout RHS have either lead their students through activities, or done their best to avoid the elephant in the room. Teachers like Ms. Grace and Mr. von Pohle walked their students through a discussion, and Grace gave her students time to read articles concerning the outcome of the election. Other teachers such as Mr. Landerville and Mr. Miller, said a few words, but focused mainly on their normal lesson, perhaps because they did not know what to say or because they wanted to take people’s minds off the election for a while. Mr. Nolet told his students that he was not going to discuss the election, because he felt people needed more time to process the election and how they feel about it.

Students too have reacted in a myriad of ways. Some are overwhelmed and still in shock, while others feel very angry and ready to act. Already students have organized a walkout to protest the election. According to social media the walkout will be held on Monday, Nov. 14 at 1:30 p.m. Organizers stress that this is a peaceful protest, and a chance to have their voices heard. While some students are in full support of this protest, others believe that it is not the most effective way to create change. Still some believe that now that the outcome of the election is known we should focus on banding together as a nation and moving forward, instead of creating further division through protests.

However people react, it is sure that the future holds many changes. Whether for better or worse, the next few years will have a lasting impact on our nation.

After a rigorous election that left people shocked, outraged, and divided, our blog team decided to put together a short film concerning the climate here at Roosevelt. We simply asked, what is one thing that you would like to say to the United States right now?


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