All last week, students at Roosevelt could feel something different in the air – tension building as an all-out war was brewing between two seemingly ordinary Physics classes: Brian Marenstein leading the army on one side, and Max Rose on the other. The goal: raise the most money for cancer patients in ASR’s change drive. Monday morning announcements yielded some shocking information: Rose’s class demolished Marenstein’s by a whopping 24 dollars. The crushing defeat comes not only with shame, but also the loss of an intricate bet between the two classes.The war was instigated by Rose, with a formally drafted declaration signed by the whole class. Rose described Marenstein’s acceptance of the challenge as “Mediocre,” lamenting that they “never officially accepted it with some sort of grace.”

The terms of the bet, as explained by Rose, are as follows:

At least one student from the losing class must shave their head in some way – Because Marenstein lost, Junior Brent Lane from his second period will be shaving his head. Had Rose’s class lost, the tributes would have been Porter Jones (Shaved sides), Jordan Eng (Dyed purple), and Ben Clark (Frosted tips).

The winning class may write a statement that the losing teacher must read on Rider TV – keep an eye out for the next episode to watch Marenstein humiliate himself!

If the winning class raises the most money out of all homerooms, they will also receive a donut party from ASR.

Some are calling it the battle of the century, while others refused to comment out of sheer terror. Even before the results were announced, Rose expressed confidence in his class’ ability to win the challenge, saying that he believed they would win. “Marenstein [was] down here, he [kept] checking our box to see how we’re doing,” Rose explained with a sly look on his face. “I [could] tell he [was] nervous.” Unfortunately for him, those nerves were not unfounded.

Marenstein’s shave-ee Brent Lane says he agreed to the challenge because “someone had to do it.” Lane explained that he isn’t that worried about the new hairstyle. “My hair grows pretty fast,” he said. “In like a week it’ll be back at number one.”

All hostility aside, the competition was an admirable undertaking by Rose and Marenstein. In the end, the real winners will be the patients who receive the donations from all RHS homerooms (Also Mr. Rose’s class because they’re getting donuts… but still). The rivalry has definitely helped motivate the classes and kickstart some generous giving. As Mr. Rose put it, “The goal is to help – but to also have fun.” Lane had good sportsmanship regarding the competition; when asked if he had anything to say to Rose’s class, he responded “I guess it was a fair fight… well, maybe. Maybe it wasn’t.”

Featured Photo: The victorious Rose, left, displays a ‘W’ for his win while Marenstein, right, displays a shameful ‘L’ as the loser. Photo by Nathan Smith

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