Dear Class of 2021,

Welcome to Roosevelt High School: home of the Roughriders, making good choices, and Dino, the unofficial hype-man of RHS. Freshman year may seem scary at first, with the increased workload, new peers, and new teachers. But as the year goes by, eventually high school will become more comfortable. Here are a few tips and tricks for surviving your freshman year.

First, don’t go out to lunch everyday. Although tempting, going out to buy pizza everyday will add up, eventually leaving you broke. Instead, designate a day, maybe every other week, to go out with friends. For a great deal, go to Daiso. Although not the healthiest of lunch options, most snacks only cost $1.75, which is much cheaper than Bartells or Whole Foods. Additionally, Daiso offers great secret buddy gifts, such as fuzzy socks and scented candles.

Another tip: join a club or sport. One of my greatest regrets of freshman year was not joining a club and instead going home to do homework. Clubs have many other perks besides just being more fun than homework. Clubs are the perfect environment to meet new people. Due to the size of classes and high school in general, making friends can be difficult. However, clubs allow you to meet people that share similar interests. Furthermore, Roosevelt offers a diverse array of clubs. From Fruits and Vegetables Club, a club dedicated to the appreciation of produce, to Black Student Union, Roosevelt has clubs for a wide range of interests.

Finally, accept the booing. Although demeaning at times, the boos at assemblies don’t reflect the true feelings of upperclassman towards freshman. That being said, standing in large clumps in the hallways like cholesterol blocking an artery definitely deserves a couple of boos.

And remember, next year you will be able to boo the new freshman.

While freshman year has its ups and downs, hopefully these tips make the year as smooth as possible. One last tip: enjoy your time at Roosevelt. I remember my freshman year as if it was yesterday, but in reality, it has been a few years. High school goes by fast, so enjoy your time. Live in the present and appreciate these last few years of freedom.


Graphic By: Elena Celovsky

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