Cole Garry

I have been interested in photography for a few years now, and I have some experience with both cameras and Photoshop due to my position on newspaper. However, newspaper provides me with very limited opportunities to expand on my knowledge. Along with this, I have always had a great love for travel, and this year, I have been lucky enough to travel to Guatemala, New York, Mexico, and South Africa. For these reasons, I decided to do my senior project on travel photography. In my photography, I wanted to focus on showing the many different sides of the places I went, in order to tell the story of my travel. 

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words…


I hope to hear from anyone that wishes to comment, send me an email or text,
or come talk to me! My email is If you would like to view my project in a more professional setting, I will be showing it in the coming months. More details on the location and timing will come soon. Thank you!


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