On Friday June 26th, the Supreme Court made a tremendously symbolic and historic decision involving same-sex marriage. The decision says that same-sex couples can be married in any state and that states cannot prohibit such unions. Previously, only 37 states had legalized gay marriage, including Washington in 2012. Now, the US is the 21st country to legalize gay marriage nationwide. A five-four split of judges decided the issue. Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote the majority opinion, stating that same-sex couples “ask for equal dignity in the eyes of the law. The Constitution grants them that right.” The Court ruled that the Fourteenth Amendment, which prohibits any state from depriving any citizen of their rights, also protects same-sex marriage.

​The decision was celebrated nationwide, as couples flocked to courts to receive their marriage licenses. It also came in the midst of already-scheduled gay pride events. June is Pride Month and the week that the decision capped off was Pride Week in Seattle. The last Sunday of June is generally celebrated nationwide as Pride Day. Seattle’s Pride Week has existed since 1974 and was officially endorsed by city in 1977. PrideFest took place the weekend after the decision, with a parade Sunday morning energized by the verdict. Attendees praised the decision but reminded many that there are still advances to be made in gay rights. Still, celebrations echoed through the city as couples of all genders were finally granted the rights they have deserved for so long.

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Photos are complements of Ruby Hale and Emma Williams. 

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