Nationwide, people are being terrorized by the ever-growing population of creepy clowns. Videos posted to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook show these clowns chasing innocent people with weapons such as knives, chainsaws and hammers. Clown sightings grow more and more common every day and continue to come closer to home.

They have been reported in White Center, South Seattle, and now, even as close as Greenlake. As the clowns are fast approaching Roosevelt, students wonder if they will even be safe walking to lunch or going to their car after school. Junior Margeaux Scholz is “very afraid” so she “made [her] friend walk [her] to [her] car” out of fear that a clown would come chasing after her. This fear is common among students, afraid that these knife-wielding circus creatures could come and kill them.

The clown sightings began in South Carolina and quickly spread across the United States. Despite rumors of these creepy clowns murdering their victims, there have been no confirmed deaths due to clown sighting. Though the encounters are, no doubt, terrifying. Junior Kendra Mitchell comments on how the clowns are “demonic and messed up” and says “it’s not okay to [freak out] strangers”.

Some students at Roosevelt fear the clowns are getting too close for comfort. Senior Flora Ossenfort, a coxswain at Greenlake Crew, whose boathouse is very close to Woodland Park, is a “little scared” because “Woodland Park definitely seems like a place a clown would hang out”. Senior Grayce Crick is also “very scared of the clowns”. She fears them especially not just because of their creepy nature but the fact they “have been seen with weapons”.

Seeing the clowns as viable threats, students have made up plans to escape if it becomes necessary. Mitchell says she would “sprint as fast as [she could] in the other direction”. Senior Annika Prichard is fully “prepared to fight the clown invasion” listing her credentials to do so as “two taekwondo classes in 5th grade”. Crick simply wishes she “knew more self-defense”.

Whether these clowns are just practical jokes or actually have malicious intent, they are scary, and the thought of killer clowns coming near a place considered safe by many can be very frightening. Students should remain vigilant and try to avoid walking alone in the night or in dark wooded areas to stay away from the terrifying clowns.


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