Hey there seniors, we’re coming at you weekly with updates on the status of Senior assassin 2018! For those of you who don’t know, senior assassin is an annual tradition upheld for years by the graduating classes*. It basically works like this:

Seniors who signed up and paid a $10 fee by the October 20th were entered into the first round matchups. Each round lasts 2-3 weeks. At the beginning of each round, participants recieve a text that includes the name of their initial target for the round, and the assassin must work to shoot their target with a Nerf brand foam dart gun before the round ends. Each player has a target and an assassin, so the object is to eliminate at least one target per round while staying safe from your assassin at the same time. If they succeed, their target is eliminated from the game and the target of the eliminated player is the new target of the assassin. You are not informed of who your assassin is, unless you find out yourself by word of mouth. You may also shoot the person hunting you (either offensively or defensively), disabling them from killing you for 24 hours the first time, 48 the second time, and removing them from the game if you shoot them three times total after these periods. It is possible for your target to also be your assassin, in which case whoever is shot first is eliminated and the shooter is safe for the rest of the round. If you fail to shoot your target before the round ends, you are eliminated from the game. You can also be eliminated for violating game rules, school rules, or state/federal laws. You may not shoot your target on school grounds, inside their place of work or worship, in their home (unless you are invited in), on a bus, from a car, or into a car. At the end of each round, there is a break day for game leaders to regroup and assign new targets, then the next round begins. The game ends when only one player is left, and the final player standing wins a pool of all the money paid for entry to the game. This year the winning pot is $1200.

For updates and information on specific rules and guidelines, see the official game facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/356697368104013/

Round 1 Eliminations:


  • Emily Louden


  • Brigit Brady
  • Aiden Ryser


  • Alex Lowe
  • Petra Lavin
  • Cole Arnesen
  • Mickey Nicholson
  • Mikka Hoffman
  • Ysac
  • Maggie Udd
  • Jules Bennet


  • Elise Wong
  • Connie Bernard
  • Erik Acheson
  • David Tabakian
  • Dylan Jacobi
  • Sam Wright
  • Sophia Kelsey


  • Evan Ross
  • Aidan McCoy


  • Jackson Bohrer
  • Ted Betz


  • Erin Teranashi
  • Theodore Berman
  • Jesse Smith
  • Ethan Nolander


  • Josh Stenchever
  • Jacob Mina
  • Dominick Minichillo
  • Alex Kaiser
  • Lily Roberts
  • Marcus Mesnik-Greene


  • Graham Fulton
  • Anna Manley


  • Scott Asbury
  • Emmett Huggins
  • Grace Jones
  • Sophia Rollins
  • Anna Galbraith


  • Finnie Desmond


  • Harriet Wright
  • Drea Laird
  • Ella Soderquist
  • Will Napier


  • Tina Prekaski
  • Ethan Lefaive
  • Ian Hinck
  • John Thomas
  • Payton Pederson
  • Olivia Capestany
  • Nate Mascis


  • Samantha Mitchell-branter
  • Aimon Heffernan
  • Annika Lee
  • Lucy Levine
  • Henry Snyder
  • Cooper Arnett
  • Elizabeth Dale
  • Emilie Johnson
  • Sophia Modisette


  • Marco Say
  • Parker Lambert
  • Harper d’Andrea
  • Tony Lutenko
  • Joe Garlid


  • Mae Lederman

Players Remaining: 65

*Please note that senior assassin is not endorsed by Roosevelt High School and that as a school affiliated paper, TRN is simply participating in coverage via informational updates and is not at all involved in the assassin game as a publication.


Photo By: Lauren Hensel

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