Dear readers,


Well, I guess now it’s time. My time as the blog editor is over, and I am tearfully handing over the blog to my good pal, Maggie Udd because I will be directing Dramafest my senior year. I know that she will do a good job next year because her Scandinavian blood is vastly superior to my Cuban blood. Like Wonderwoman, she is a amazon woman and will wield her super powers over the blog with excellent precision. While this year has been tough at times, I have to say that through this blog I have learned the values of journalistic integrity, hard work, and the power of a simple story. So, so long blog, my one true love. And, although I don’t think I ran it to the same high standard as Ira did, I think  it has improved greatly. This year on the blog has had many highlights, from the roasting of Sam on his Thoughtful Thursday to the videos on the special projects units, the blog has seen it all. Anyways, so long blog. Please enjoy a few of my favorite photos from this year.



Olivia Capestany

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