We have all been exposed to the stereotype that blondes aren’t considered intelligent, especially as women. This stereotype is accepted into our society as just the way blonde women are. As a result, it’s used as a way to shame women who have blonde hair.

However, this stereotype has been challenged in a numerous cases:

  • Martha Stewart – an entrepreneur
  • Margaret Thatcher – first female prime minister of Britain
  • J.K. Rowling – author of the Harry Potter book series
  • Marissa Ann Mayer – CEO of Yahoo!
  • Anna Wintour – editor and chief of Vogue
  • Hillary Clinton – former U.S. Secretary of State

These women are some of the most influential and successful women in the world and guess what: they all happen to be blonde. All of these women couldn’t have become successful or influential if they were “dumb” like the stereotype says they are, right? But now you’re probably wondering, “Well that’s just six blonde women out of the trillion other blonde women in the world, who happen to have this level of success, so how can you apply this to the everyday blonde women you see walking on the street?”

The answer to that is: blonde women are actually as smart as everyone else. I know your mind is probably blown right now.

According to a study done at Ohio State University by Jay Zagorsky, blonde women were one of the hair colors with the highest average IQ level of a 103.2. If you look at a IQ scale, a 103.2 is not considered low or high IQ, but average IQ, proving that blondes are just like the rest of us. I mean, it makes sense – have you ever met somebody who is blonde who happens to be smart? I pretty sure that 90% of people reading this will answer yes to this question. It’s no mystery that blondes are smart people, but sadly our society has labeled them as unintelligent because they are considered the “bombshell” women who you see in Victoria Secret catalogs or on the cover of Sports Illustrated in their bikinis or bras. In reality though, many of these “bombshells” may look like they are not very bright, but in reality they have the same intelligence. An example of this situation is Elle Woods from the movie Legally Blonde, who looks like this pretty girl with a good fashion sense who can act like she doesn’t know anything, but in reality she is super smart behind closed doors.

So, the next time you think a blondes aren’t smart, think about the many blondes who have proven that stereotype wrong and the IQ statistics that have shown that it’s not true. The “secret” power of blondes in actuality is they are just as smart and have the same chance of achieving anything as any brunette, red haired, black haired, rainbow-haired women out there. Never underestimate the power of blondes, because they might prove you wrong one day and use their secret power.


Graphic By: Emma Snavely

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