Though it may have coincided with a typhoon, students’ spirit this past Thursday was unprecedented. The halls turned into seas of green and gold, the student section at Memorial Stadium was filled, and the commons were transformed into a crowded dance floor to celebrate Roosevelt and the year ahead.

The homecoming festivities were kicked off with a school wide assembly MC’d by seniors Lily Evans and Gianluca Torgerson, who announced the elected Homecoming Court, introduced the acts, and spread spirit throughout the student body. The school’s much loved dance team preformed, the cheerleaders brought out some upperclassmen boys to show off their dance moves, and Katie Greve was presented with a Heroes in the Classroom award from Symetra and the Seattle Seahawks. After many more performers and announcements, the assembly wrapped up and students went back to class, but the events of the day had just started.

Pep rallies for the Homecoming football game were held during both lunches, complete with music, face paint and more. Students finished the school day and headed out to Memorial Stadium to watch the Roughriders play the Rainer Beach Vikings in a sunset game. Despite the rain, there was an impressive turnout of Roosevelt fans, especially compared to the dozen who came out to support the other team.

The Roughriders fought hard but faced setbacks due to injuries, inclement weather, and a strong performance from their opponents. The band and cheerleaders put on an impressive halftime show, and the players fought hard until the end. Though Roosevelt failed to get on the scoreboard, the fans cheered louder than ever and you could tell that the students there were proud to represent Roosevelt and support the football team. The game ended at 0-34, resulting in a win for Rainer Beach. Nevertheless, the fight song was sung before students headed to the dance back at Roosevelt.

The dance was a major success as tickets sold out, and all grade levels were represented in large numbers. Themed green and gold (and white for seniors), the dance was a great way to end Homecoming, and keep school spirit high for the rest of the football season and more.

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