Looking for a fun winter activity to partake in alongside other Roosevelt students? The Roosevelt Mohan Ski Bus is an enjoyable and social way to ride out the winter season. Each friday, the buses depart the Roosevelt parking lot at 3:30 p.m. and return at around 11 p.m. The program runs for six weeks and is coordinated by Mr. Edmund Trangen.

The whole program is run by Mohan Skiing & Boarding. It is one of the oldest, most well respected ski & snowboard schools in the country. They operate as a non-profit organization to make life as easy as possible for everyone who wants to ski. Sally Strand started the program in 1960, in order to create an opportunity for students to learn how to ski and enjoy the mountain experience that she loved so much. Now, Mohan services six public school districts, 19 private schools, and numerous other organizations.

The program offers beginning and advanced skiers and snowboarders an opportunity to ride with other students. Even if you have no idea how to ski or snowboard, the program offers beginner classes to get you off to a good start; and for the more advanced skiers and boarders, the program offers advanced classes for you to hone your skills. If you are advanced enough and would like to help other people learn how to ride the slopes you can apply to be an instructor. After registering, you will receive a discount season pass form via email. The six week season starts on Jan. 13, so contact Mr. Trangen for sign-up information if you are interested.  

photos by: Taylor Powers

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