Brrr! How could anyone wear those Speedos this time of year and not turn into an ice cube? That’s right folks, winter sports are back! As usual, they’ve started over a month before the actual season does, but fortunately for winter athletes, their events are all indoors. Boys swim, dive and wrestle during the winter, girls have gymnastics, and both have basketball. Except for gymnastics, paperwork for these sports was due Nov. 7, but the first practices are on Nov. 14. Some people watch the Olympic Winter Games this season, but that’s only because they don’t know how chill these sports are.

Senior and captain of the swim team, Quinn Marshall, suggests everyone who likes to swim competitively try out for the team. He says, “Swimming is great for anyone who takes it seriously – Coach Holland doesn’t want people signing up just to get P.E. waivers. Swim team is also fun, and for people who like to be part of a tight-knit community.” When asked why he swims, Marshall says, “I first started to like it because the seniors reached out to me and made it fun. I really liked going to the potlucks and just hanging out.” Marshall also says he loves it when fans go to meets. “Yes, people underwater can hear you cheering,” he says. “I always go faster when people are cheering, so you guys should come do it!”

Another senior and the captain of the girls’ basketball team, Serena Toney, has been playing basketball for Roosevelt since freshman year. She wants “people who are hardworking, love the game of basketball and want to be a part of a great group of girls” to try out. She wants everyone who isn’t playing to “come out to the games, bringing your Rider pride and wearing your Rider spirit! We always love having a big crowd.” Toney believes basketball is worth playing because “it keeps you in shape, and it’s meaningful to be part of a team sport with tough competition.” Whether you plan on playing these sports or not, don’t let the winter stop you from coming to Roosevelt’s games!

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