For most of 2017, the media focused on the Ball family has been mostly pointed toward Lonzo and LaMelo, but the realest one of the whole family is the one and only LaVar Ball. He is the sleeper of the family because he has shown truth and prospect of how his family is the greatest of all time. He brings out so much spunk and enthusiasm that if one met him in person, they’d be in tears. But in this case, he is not only a ‘Baller’ because of his name. He can also, “beat anyone in 1 on 1” and “[could] wipe out Michael Jordan if he wanted to.” The facts that he has spread among his career have all been true. He has stated that Lonzo, his Laker son, is better than Stephan Curry and Magic Johnson combined, and will take his team all the way to win the NBA championships in his first year.

Over time people across the world have been able to learn about his theories and conjectures of his family’s greatness. Though he does not only praise one of his sons. He indeed praises all three with the same power, and he once exclaimed, “my son. LaMelo. I am pulling him out of school because he is much too good for it. And same with their basketball team, he’s too good, he needs a bigger challenge.” With the pure devotion to his word, LaVar Ball demonstrates that he is not only confident, he is certain. He has been placed on SportsCenter’s live broadcast because of his confidence towards his sons and the game.

Furthermore, the Ball family has another thing special about them. MERCHANDISE! Yes the one and only Big Baller Brand has struck online stores all across the country at great price. They sell and advertise T-shirts, long-sleeves, sweat pants, anything you can name under all approval of LaVar himself. His business has come from the underground to the top in just short of one year coming! The BBB merch has brought satisfaction in price ranges and even has helped promote Lonzo in his NBA career. His new sponser has brought him praise and popularity when it comes to the social media world. Everybody is asking, “Woah, what brand is that, because I want one!” And the short answer is, “You have to be a Big Baller to wear the Triple-B’s,” stated LaVar Ball.

In final discretion, LaVar is also one of the smartest humans alive. This is proven correct by himself when he proudly stated, “I know that I am a genius. Why? Because I knew that if I chose the right woman to have kids with, mine and her genetics would join together to create super humans. And that is exactly what I intended for my three sons.” With these facts at hand, many have listened and have agreed upon the fact that the Ball family is nothing short of being the greatest family to ever live inside the sport of basketball, and that is all because of LaVar.


Graphic By: Bethany Belina


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