Have you ever wanted to throw a sopping wet sponge in the face of one of your teachers? Well, your opportunity has passed. Last friday, in a fundraising effort, the student government sold two throws at your favorite teacher for $1. Popular teachers such as Mr. Bates, Ms. Landboe, Mr. Malcolm, and Mr. Trangen were all there to support the school by donating their faces for a little school benefitting fun.

“Everyone is included so that we can all celebrate our rider pride,” said Michelle Leca, an ASR representative participating in the Sponge Splat,

“Anyone can buy a sponge to
throw at their favorite (Or least favorite) teacher and it’s just a really great experience.”

Students flocked to get a throw, and the whole crowd in the commons seemed to be getting into the action. Each time a sponge hit or missed a teacher’s face, the crowd greeted the thrower with a barrage of “Ooh” and “Ahh’s”. Most students who participated seemed to enjoy the event, and the water was warm, so it wasn’t so bad for the teachers either. In an effort to draw even more students, Mr. Trangen donated $10 and gave 20 free throws to any student who wanted a shot. All in all, it was an awesome event and hopefully ASR will give it another try next year.

Photos by: Hannah Nichols

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