For the week of September 12th.


March 21- April 19

Because of your adventurous tendencies, you will find yourself in a difficult situation in the coming week. Be sure that the doors do not lock behind you as you “accidentally” happen upon the theatre after hours.


April 20- May 20

You are warm hearted and determined. This year is the year to join a club you have been thinking about or to step into a leadership role. Get involved!


May 21- June 20

You may be nervous or tense this week. Be sure to take Rider Time as an opportunity to really de-stress. Really.


June 21- July 22

This is not your week to start anything new.  Be sure to take cover under the nearest desk and remain there until security is called. Then run.


July 23- August 22

This week you will keep messing up in your LA Socratic seminar and getting “that look”.  If you just keep talking things may turn around.


August 23- September 22

You feel disorganized, chaotic or unprepared. It is a good time to invest in a Roosevelt planner to keep your mind in order for the school year.


September 23- October 23

You will fall captive to a lie this week. Remember: Don’t believe everything you read on the bathroom walls.


October 24- November 22

You are in luck this week, even more lucky than the cancellation of APUSH key terms. Take chances and have fun.


November 23- December 22

Irresponsible actions will lead you to trouble. It is in your best interest to stay on Vance’s good side with a daily home baked cookie.


December 23- January 20

The start time is an hour later but you are still late to first period. Maybe it is time to quit the 2 a.m. Netflix addiction.


January 21- February 19

Does someone catch your eye in the extended passing periods? Take a chance.


 February 20- March 20

Although it is only day 7 of school, you are already raring to break out and escape back to summer. Just remember, there are only 173 days left.

graphic by: Nadia Kao

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