Photos and Writing by Menaka Narayanan
On Tuesday May 27, the evening sun cast the Roosevelt courtyard with shadowy light, and dozens of students gathered for the year’s final open mic. After a writing workshop from 4-6, in which students let their thoughts flow into their writers journals, students from all different walks of the school shared their pieces. The sounds of poems and songs drifted over the field for hours as more and more students arrived to hear the various creative voices of Roosevelt. During the open mic, the new poet committee was announced, and poems were read by these four new leaders:
Poet Laureates: Meghan O’Kelley and Caleb Backer-Corthell
Poet Cum Laudes: Marissa McGinnis and Thaddeus Sargeant

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Check out a snippet of Jackson Maltby’s original song, “Smaller Things”

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